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Unrefined shea butter 100ml

Unrefined shea butter 100ml

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Ingredients: 100% natural and unrefined shea butter that is cold-pressed from shea nuts from Africa. May contain traces of nuts. Vegan and organic.

Use: Shea butter has a protective, softening, moisturizing and nurturing effect for the body and hair. The product can be used for skin and hair for example skin cracks, dry skin, eczema, rashes, skin care, baby care, foot care, dry lips, stretch marks and as a hair wrap.

The shea butter can be used exactly as it is in its most natural form and is used by melting/rubbing the product between the hands and applying to the desired area.

Storage: Store dry and cool at room temperature. The shea butter has a melting point at around 36-38 degrees.

Sustainability: 1-2 years.

Country of origin: Ivory Coast.


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