About us

Ivon Care is a family business run by founders Maya and Michel Nzue. Our passion is to offer natural, effective and high quality skin and hair care products.

The company's journey began when our daughter had problems with rashes and dry patches of skin since birth, especially during winter. We searched for solutions and tried a variety of creams and skin lotions on the market, including the most expensive and best ones recommended by the child care center, but to no avail. Despite some improvements, the dry patches of skin continued to cause discomfort.

Michel has roots from the Ivory Coast and from there came the idea to use shea butter instead of all these creams, the result was incredibly nice and soft skin without rashes and dry patches. This result led to the formation of Ivon Care and our quest to spread the knowledge of the skin's best friend - shea butter.

At Ivon Care, we believe in simplicity and naturalness when it comes to skin care. We want to minimize the number of ingredients in our products to create as natural, genuine and caring products as possible, as well as exclude the content of unnecessary additives and chemicals.

We hope you will also experience the amazing benefits of our natural products, which are the best choice for both your skin and our planet!